I might have to make…

I might have to make a resolution--for every half hour I spend on Pinterest, must do one household cleaning/fixing/organizing task. I've just joined, and it's TOTALLY addictive; I wish I'd found this two years ago (did it exist then?) when I was starting the renovation project. It would have been so helpful. You can follow me there, if you're interested in the kinds of things I like -- I've created boards for home design, furniture, kid stuff, food, garden, and a few more. Beautiful AND useful for organization. I approve.

Speaking of which, a ton of household tasks to churn through today, so I'd best get to it. I planted a rose this morning -- color-changing Joseph's Coat, planted up against the neighbor's new fence. The wood fence just went in Friday, replacing the ugly chain link fence that used to separate our yards -- thanks, neighbor! The wood fence does make our yard feel a bit smaller, but also gives the illusion of more privacy (illusion because we have several apartment buildings overlooking our yard). We're having amazingly mild weather (it's 51 degrees right now -- I was gardening in just a sweater, on December 4th!), which is a little freaky, but is also a real gift, since it let me get this rose into the ground so late. Hopefully it'll establish itself enough to survive the winter. Does it actually help to pile up mulch around the roses? I seem to remember reading that at some point, but am not sure. Does wrapping in burlap actually help? Am I just making this stuff up?

Other tasks for hopefully today: hang art, sew headboard cover, sew pillowcase, grocery shop, make rich cake, scan photos, deposit checks, get curtain rings, straighten icicle lights, finish reading Jed's story and crit, decide on illustrator for Demimonde, wrap presents. We'll see how many of those I actually get through.

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  1. Yes, the winter temperatures in the Chicago area are likely to kill your rose unless you do something to insulate it. A lot of people pile up leaves around them. You can also get styrofoam covers for roses. They should also be pruned, but it’s been a long time, so make sure you research the right care for your variety of rose.

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