It’s a little late, but…

It's a little late, but I don't want this to go unmarked here. I was having a frantic and stressful week when I heard of Anne McCaffrey's passing, and I just couldn't cope -- so I put it aside, and didn't read anything more on the subject. Just now, I found the tribute thread on Scalzi's blog, and reading through all the heartfelt responses, it wasn't long at all before I was crying. I know those books so well -- I can probably quote most of the dialogue in Dragonsinger verbatim, I've read it so often. My copy is in tatters.

In the comments, Elizabeth (@melebeth) said exactly what I would have: "The Dragonharpers of Pern collection was my security book from too early to remember well through my college days. Every time anything bad happened, Id throw myself into Menollys adventures....Anne McCaffreys [books] have always been solace, comfort, and joy for me, and she will be missed."

Exactly. And still.

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