Is it really necessary…

Is it really necessary to have the whole house clean for Thanksgiving? No. But it would be nice. We'll see how it goes -- if we don't succeed, there are always doors that one can close. :-)


  • 8:45: John Curran stained glass guy comes by -- DONE
  • make cranberry sauce with port and dried figs -- DONE (and delicious, although definitely grown-up in flavours; good thing we have the jelly kind too :-)
  • find savoury sweet potato recipe in the basement book boxes -- DONE
  • noon: pick up turkey and remaining ingredients -- DONE
  • mop children's rooms -- DONE
  • load of laundry -- DONE
  • bake cornbread with green chili and corn for the stuffing -- DONE
  • cook sausage-mixture for stuffing -- DONE
  • cook mushroom-leek mixture for stuffing -- DONE
  • bake pumpkin bread in gorgeous Nordicware pumpkin loaf pan (which I found on major clearance at Michael's a few days ago, score!) -- DONE

3 thoughts on “Is it really necessary…”

  1. Need recipes for green chile and cornbread stuffing. And how much salt in your brine? Last time I brined my turkey, I may as well have not. Perhaps I need more salt or other flavors?

  2. I usually leave the brining to Kevin — when he wakes up, I’ll ask him, so check back. 🙂 But I think I haven’t noticed much in the way of flavor change from the brining, even when we added a bunch of ingredients in addition to the salt — the main benefit is moister meat. (That sounds sort of weird — moister meat. Hm.)

    The green chili and corn cornbread is just use a pack of Jiffy corn bread (or, if I’m feeling fancy, the rich corn cake recipe in Fannie Farmer, which uses sour cream, and makes really yummy cornbread) and stir in about 4-5 chopped Thai green chilies (because that’s the kind I usually have on hand), and maybe 1/2 – 1 c. of frozen corn kernels (fresh would probably be better, but I am too lazy).

    I then use that as the base for my cornbread sausage chipotle stuffing, that I invented many years ago and make pretty much every year.

    I do recommend using turkey sausage instead of pork — or at least draining a lot of the fat if you use pork. The one year I tried doing straight pork sausage, the resulting stuffing was over-oily and disappointing — all that fat just drowned out the flavors.

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