Quick notes for a busy…

Quick notes for a busy day:

  • quiet weekend of household cleaning and organizing, family hangout time, and writing -- the first draft of my Wild Cards story is due tomorrow

  • kids got their first salon haircuts, with mixed success -- photos to follow

  • today they had their school photos, which I think went pretty well -- photos in a few weeks

  • I've got a dentist appt. in an hour, sigh.

  • the rest of today will be writing. I'm writing the interstitial story for the next Wild Cards volume, Lowball, which means that I have to weave my story around seven other stories, including one told in three parts. So while I have a 24,000 word allotment, I'm not even trying to use it all up now. I'm figuring I should draft the parts of my story that are more stand-alone, and leave space for more once I see the other stories (which are due tomorrow). It's a complex process, but also fun. I like collaborating! The current draft is very raw so far, but I'm liking where it's going.

  • if my hands need a break, I may try stencilling an IKEA rug this afternoon. We'll see.

  • Pam's guys are finishing the eat-in area today (paint and trim). Can't wait!

  • at some point, need to prep for tomorrow's classes. (358 students, no papers back tomorrow. Probably Thursday.)

  • I also need to decide on an illustrator for Demimonde. I've got it narrowed down to 2-3 possibles, I think. Hard! A lot of great work came in; I wish I could use them all. I'm going to keep a database, for future projects.

Detective Michael Stevens walked into the Jokertown precinct office and paused, blasted by a wave of sound. Not a wild-card-powered wave -- just the normal Monday morning frenzy at Fort Freak. What you'd expect in a station where a handful of underfunded cops tried their damnedest to keep the peace in an increasingly strange and difficult borough of New York City.

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