Finished steampunk…

Finished steampunk wedding story, just barely in time. "Ten Scenes from a Life in Gears" -- and it's really quite fun. It's very tailored for the couple it's for, so it is perhaps less universally applicable that most of my stories. But I got to use so many steampunk tropes my head practically exploded with glee. Fun fun! :-) And I wrote it in just three days, so I think I get some points for that.

Since it was written on commission (custom story I donated to Con or Bust auction, if I'm remembering right), I'm not sure whether I'll get to share it with the rest of the world at some point; that's for the happy couple to decide. In the meantime, you can just know there's another silly, sweet steampunk story out there, and perhaps it will brighten your day. And if it doesn't, there's always this bit from last night:

Sleepy Kavi snuggling on couch: "Daddy, I like falling asleep in your arms."

[pause...wait for it...]

"...Because I'm too tired to walk to my bed."

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