Kavi’s still sick,…

Kavi's still sick, sadly. Poor munchkin. So she's home again today, and I'll see how much work I can get done while taking care of her. At least Kev and I are teaching alternate days this semester; it makes it much easier to handle sick kids.

To do (many of these are quick things (and a few are fun :-); I'm hopeful that I can actually get through most of it -- we'll see):

  • sort and put away kids' laundry -- DONE
  • talk to Keith Snyder of Typeflow about Demimonde layout details (prepatory to getting a quote from him) -- DONE
  • send "Crackles and Chokes" (from Demimonde) out for crit -- DONE
  • stop at costume store and see if they have a little wolf costume, and a white granny wig -- DONE
  • write overdue rec (and call to make sure they accept it) -- DONE
  • order costume stuff online -- DONE
  • complete mandatory ethics training again (sigh) -- DONE
  • implement all the line edits to-date on the five stories completed for Demimonde -- DONE
  • buy birthday gift for Zoe -- DONE
  • get essential groceries to make it through the night -- DONE

  • order missing kickplate for dishwasher
  • try working on owl sweater again
  • plant bulbs
  • make pepper jelly
  • cover trash can with fabric
  • write custom story for wedding (due Friday!)
  • mail Wendy's book, Nilofer's yarn, Shmuel's copy of BiM, bills

  • grade mid-terms
  • move Mark's welcome letter to separate page
  • add self to ASAM web page
  • edit ASAM minutes
  • update website with Anna's additions
  • revise minutes and send to Anna

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