Autumn bits and bobs,…

Autumn bits and bobs, house and home and child:

My favorite soup to cook, Epicurious's winter squash soup, which we serve topped with shredded Gruyere, and lots of it.

I'm working on getting my office into shape: off-white burlap-y hatboxes and CD boxes from IKEA are helping to corral the chaos (although there's still a ways to go), gargoyle bookend from my college days at the U of C, little felted creatures from an artist who shows at WisCon, but I'm sadly forgetting her name, sketch of me drawn by someone in the audience at WisCon -- I do have her name written down, but I'm blanking on that too.

Dahlias gathered this morning from the garden in a little white metal pitcher from IKEA -- I think I've gotten at least a hundred gorgeous blooms off that single plant. A terrific investment -- clearly, dahlias are happy in my yard; will be digging this one up to replant next year, and adding at least two more next year.

IKEA crewel-style lampshades and accent pillow for my guest bedroom, which I'm calling the garden room (iron gate headboard from Pottery Barn). I like them with the cream bedspread, but I need new sheets for that room (the ones we have are a little embarassingly battered). I'm thinking red striped or patterned?

I found some of this Robert Allen Soft Scrolls fabric in Birch on Fabricguru (the discount fabric site) -- going to try making curtains for the guest room with this. Hope it ends up looking nice.

Picked up a blackboard from Amazon -- we like the porcelain ones, because they're a lot easier to write on than things like chalkboard paint or cheap chalkboards. Little October raven by Martha Stewart, I think -- from Michael's. They're perched all over my house.

The kids love it when I rake leaves.

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  1. In case anyone ran into problems accessing Mary Anne’s journal tonight: there was a problem with the database, but the nice support folks at Pair fixed it, so all should be well.

    (And there are regular automated database backups, so even a more serious problem would’ve been recoverable.)

  2. Why not red or blue sheets. Something rich that will set off the embroidery colors and hint at secrets?

    Love the picture of Anand. Isn’t he a sweetie?

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