Question: What is a fair…

Question: What is a fair payment to someone to take a 200-page book and lay it out for eBook (both Kindle and other formats), trade paperback, and hardcover printing? Keeping in mind that this is for a very teeny tiny press on a very limited budget. :-)

I'm looking for someone who can handle aspects like removing widows and orphans, making sure the odd #'s are on the right side of the page, preserving sufficient white space around images, etc. All the traditional layout skills. In theory, I know how to do the basic version of all that, but I'd rather pay someone who does it often and does it well if possible.

Do I need to separate out the electronic layout from the print? Or are layout people generally doing both these days? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks!

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  1. The layout for print will be entirely different for the formatting for ebook; with an ebook, you’re stripping a lot out, and things like page numbers, widows/orphans, page breaks, just don’t matter.

    I have been copyediting for various writers and charge $50 for that; if they want the eformatting, I just lump it in with that.* I can recommend Lucky Bat Books ( as one place that does stellar work in all areas – editing, layout, cover design, etc. I’m not sure what they charge for layout, but you can ask (and feel free to tell ’em I sent you; they’re friends of mine).

    The most important thing is to pay only a flat fee for whatever services you hire for. No paying toyalties.

    *I haven’t done POD formatting yet, but I’m about to do so for 3 novels, a novella, and a collection, so I’ll know how to pretty darn soon! 🙂

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