We had a good weekend…

We had a good weekend here -- Kevin's dad came for too short a visit, and the kids had a lot of fun with him. And Alex was here just before that, so our guest room has gotten a real workout. It seems to be holding up okay, though we still need to get a dresser in there, so guests have a place to put away their unmentionables. And maybe get a little tv at some point -- we mostly give the guests one of our laptops with Netflix / Hulu, and that seems to work okay, but a tv would be more comfy. Well, it's not urgent. We should probably get some chairs for the empty rooms first.

I also had a reading on Thursday night at Cafe Ipsento, and went to SAPAC's VOR on Saturday. I've been feeling sick and exhausted, off and on, but I managed to rally enough for those two, and I'm glad I did. I've performed at VOR 3, 5, 7, 8, and 9, so I felt pretty strongly about going out and supporting VOR 10. It was a great show, though I definitely wasn't up to hitting the after party; I just came straight home and went to bed. Lo, how the mighty have fallen.

My other major accomplishments of the weekend involve picking up a secondhand coat rack and cleaning up / setting up the mudroom, cleaning up the back deck, cleaning up the master bathroom and guest bathroom, and partially cleaning up my office (I can actually work at the desk now). Yes, you can sense a theme, I know.

Oh, a long to-do list today, and it's mostly paperwork of one sort or another. (Funny how we call it paperwork still, when it's actually computerwork.) And I have to take Kavi for her first dentist appointment, ick. (I apologize to any dentists who might be reading this, but y'know -- you signed up for the job, you knew what you were getting into).

But I get to spend the morning grading at Roshani's house, where she will keep me plied with tea and curry, so that's all right. And if I am very good and very diligent with the grading in the morning, maybe I will get to break out my new set of canning supplies in the afternoon and try making strawberry jam. That would be splendid.

Happy Monday!

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