Here’s the final…

Here's the final breakdown of donations, for those curious -- thought this might be helpful to other writers in particular:

  • $5 or more (4) -- name in acknowledgements
  • $10 or more (70) -- eBook
  • $15 or more (44) -- plus thank you card and sexy bookmark
  • $50 or more (15) -- dynamic duo; add a second book of mine
  • $75 or more (6) -- add signed limited edition illustrated trade paperback
  • $100 or more (8) -- as above, plus mug featuring sketch of naked author
  • $150 or more (3) -- instead of a mug, homemade curry powder & signed Sri Lankan cookbook
  • $250 or more (5) -- add the signed limited edition illustrated hardcover
  • $500 or more (0) -- add a hand-crocheted item (no one loves crochet that much, apparently :-)
  • $750 or more (1) -- your own story in book dedicated to you, featuring character name of your choice
  • $1000 or more (0) -- create the audiobook (sorry, folks -- no one pledged here, so there won't be an audiobook anytime soon)
  • $2500 (0) -- meet the author
  • $5000 (0) -- dedicate book to you, plus all the other stuff
And then there were the 11 people who didn't want prizes, with donations ranging from $5 to $50 to $250.

Almost two-thirds of the donations came in on the last day, most $10-$15 donations. Also on the last day, perhaps a dozen of the people who had previously pledged increased their donation (pretty variable amounts).

That's as much analysis as I can manage right now. Hope it helps!

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  1. Your donations are well-distributed over the various gift categories. That’s probably a good sign that you’ve gotten maximal value out of your donor base.

    (On a less quantitative note, I’m sure some people like crochet — it just doesn’t connect to the book the way the other gifts do.)

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