$5739, 123 backers. I…

$5739, 123 backers.

I admit, I'm getting to the point where I'm tempted to stay up all night just to see whether I make the goal by deadline. I keep running numbers in my head. $2300 to go. That's 230 people at $10 each. Or 115 people at $20 each. (Or if all the current 123 backers increased their pledges by $20.) Just 45 people at $50 each. Or only about 3 people at $750 each -- which sounds a little nuts, but one person did pledge at that level already. Guess they really wanted that custom story written just for them, along with all the other prizes. Or they just like me. :-)

The pledges have jumped thousands of dollars in the last two days -- but is there a chance that they'll jump another $2000 in the last eleven hours? Do people love the last minute just that much? Or is everyone going to sleep now, so we're basically done? Or is the internet truly a global phenomenon, and people are just waking up and starting their workday and thinking hmm...I'd like some tasty fiction right about now. It's possible, right?

Some people relaunch Kickstarters that didn't make it. Honestly, I don't know if I have the energy to do that. The promotion stuff, it's exhausting -- way more so than writing the book. I could try relaunching quickly, with just a brief deadline of a week or so, and a lower goal -- something like $5000, a number that I've already passed. Would everyone who already pledged, pledge again, in that circumstance? Probably most of them. But $5000 would mean dropping the hardcover edition, and maybe the paperback too. I don't want to do that.

Just wait and see how this runs out, I guess. Try to sleep when I can.

Demimonde. You know you want it.

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