I’m drowning in grading…

I'm drowning in grading at the moment, but wanted to take a moment for two quick things, a thanks and an offer:

- thanks and congratulations to Wendy Shaffer, who was randomly chosen from two dozen people who helped spread the word about the book last week. You get a free book of mine, Wendy! Drop me a note and let me know which one you'd like!

- and here's an offer for all of you -- the sneak peak! Pledge funds to my Kickstarter project today or tomorrow (let's say from 6 a.m. CST Tuesday, to 6 a.m. CST Thursday), and I'll e-mail you a draft of the book so far -- three completed stories, plus a bit! You get to read, enjoy, even write back to me if you like with any suggestions -- you can help shape the book into what you'd like it to be. The stories have been critiqued and revised a few times now, so they're in pretty good shape; I think you'll like them!

  • Here, Under the Twin Moons -- two young lovers on the eve of war discover more than they expected about each other
  • The Night Air -- an alien grad student, lonely, angry, and homesick, finally snaps in a surprising way
  • Crackles and Chokes -- an English professor makes love to his wife -- at least, that's one way to read it...
Funfun! :-) We're now in the final week of the project -- just seven days left to pledge to Demimonde and help me make my goal!

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