Wendy Shaffer used my…

Wendy Shaffer used my Demimonde project as a jumping off point to talk about why writers should write about sex, and her attempts to do so -- interesting and funny! Recommended!

And Julie Nilson, who's in my writing group and has actually read the first three stories in the book (and liked them, phew!), talked about it in her blog too. :-)

Keep an eye out here -- I'm in the midst of doing two conversations with writers Tobias Buckell and Cecilia Tan -- sort of half-interview, half-conversation, and we'll be jointly hosting them on our blogs. Should be super-fun!

Anyone else want to play? Especially if I know you well, or know your writing (or other work?) well, I'd enjoy doing a back-and-forth interview/conversation. Drop me a note!

And remember -- if you promote the book this week, drop me a line via e-mail (or comment here), and I'll enter you in the drawing for a free signed book of mine!

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