Sorry it’s been so quiet…

Sorry it's been so quiet on the western front; Anand's cold knocked me out for a few days, and then Kavi got it and has needed nursing. But we're all on the mend here, and even managed to do a little prep for Anand's birthday party -- tomorrow, he turns two!

I've always been sort of incompetent with iced cookies, but I decided I really ought to learn how to deal with the darn things. They took way longer than I expected -- I don't know if I was just slow because I didn't know what I was doing, but if it really takes four hours to make a single batch of cookies, then I'm amazed anyone makes cookies ever. And I only figured out my icing was way too thick when I was already halfway through making the cookies. And I had no patience for trying to use a piping bag at all, which rather limited things.

But when you start with absolutely adorable IKEA cookie cutters, and have enthusiastic help from a four-year-old big sister, the end result is reasonably cute. I hope Anand enjoys his woodland-themed birthday party, and the accompanying cookies. Next year, they'll be neater, I swear. (Possibly because I will have bought them at the store. :-)

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  1. Mary Anne,
    As my wife and both grandmas will attest, It’s really fun when the kids are old enough to help and do most of the icing themselves after cutting out the figures. Cut up several small garbage bags to act as icing coats, it minimizes the mess.

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