Another student today…

Another student today complimented my writing -- totally randomly, she told me how much she liked "Seven Cups of Water," and how she thought it would make a terrific movie. :-) Very nice to hear, especially because I have been so horribly down about my writing and writing career lately. Which is a subject for another post. I have caught Anand's cold, and my throat feels like sand, and if I start kvetching about my writing now, I suspect we will all sink into a bitter morass that will be no fun at all to get out of. Instead, I will just think about my student's comment, and be happy.

4 thoughts on “Another student today…”

  1. I like that story too.

    I do not like catching your kid’s cold, however. I might have to take a pass on the party this weekend. If I get sick right now, my job will BURY me.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I will be sad, but not offended if you choose to skip. I *think* we’ll all be past the communicable stage by Saturday, but I obviously can’t promise anything.

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