Woohoo! My…

Woohoo! My Kickstarter project is now launched, with just thirty days to raise enough money to fund the book. Fabulous prizes await! Please help spread the word!

Demimonde, an erotic science fiction novel-in-stories, by Mary Anne Mohanraj, (author of Bodies in Motion and nine other titles), set in the universe of "Jump Space".

"What would you do if the world were about to end? Many people would head straight to bed. A few might lie there with the covers pulled up over their heads, but many of us would choose something more -- distracting..."

(Please don't laugh too hard at my book cover design skills. If published, I promise to hire an actual designer to do the book jacket! :-)

I'm really curious to see if this actually works. In theory, I have a lot of fans. In practice, how many of them will be willing to actually pledge money in advance for a book of mine? And perhaps more importantly, can I actually reach all the people who would be interested in this project, without spamming my friends to death? Hmm...

So far this morning, four people have donated, including one at the $100 level. Exciting! :-) :-) :-)

2 thoughts on “Woohoo! My…”

  1. Dear Mary Anne,

    I forgot I was even on that old mailing list! I’m glad you told me about project Demimonde. (And such a provocative title, too.) I was happy to chip in some capital, and I hope this book gets off the ground and into space. 🙂

    Btw, the last story I read by you was in Wild Card’s _Fort Freak_, which I thought was an awesome piece. It was great to see you in one of my favorite shared worlds.

    Mack Knopf

  2. Have you seen the film “last night”. If not, I re co end it. Not only a great film but also overlaps your topic description somewhat.

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