Okay, I’m actually…

Okay, I'm actually getting kind of excited about this Kickstarter project, now titled Demimonde (the half-world). I wrote up the project description yesterday, and made a video. Of me, talking about it. Oof. That's not the fun part. The fun part is that I wrote a story for the book last week, and actually had time to revise it this morning, and then I showed it to Roshani, and she read it and liked it. Yay! She's not normally the biggest fan of my erotica, so the fact that the explicit sex bits didn't bother her I kind of consider a win. :-)

And then as I was getting the kids ready for bed, I started thinking about the next story. (Not the sex bits -- trying to write erotica while Diego is on is just...bad. Very bad.) But I very quickly had a bit of plot, and a strong sense of the character (intensely frustrated graduate students are a terrific source of tension, god love 'em), not to mention the urge to write the thing. Which I'm going to go do in a minute. And I had the linkage to the previous story, and then, moments later, I had the linkage to the next story, with the protagonist and the basics of that plot, and then the linkage to story number four, and a character for it too.

All of which is just -- whew. Four stories in a day! This is making me think that maybe it will actually be a ton of fun to write this science fiction erotica thingamadoodle. Yay.

Have I mentioned I LOVE linked story collections? Maybe I will just write nothing else from now on. (Reading Olive Kitteredge now. One story in, good.)

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