Back to the to-do, but…

Back to the to-do, but in a more relaxed way -- which is good, because the kids' school is on break this week, which means I lose three days of work time while Kev is on campus; I'm trying to be less ambitious:

  • take kids to playground because it's a beautiful day -- DONE
  • prep for Tues classes -- DONE
  • e-mail ASAM grad students re: brown bag lecture series -- in progress
  • paint out anaglypta samples -- in progress
  • revise ASAM website final details
  • buy grey work shoes
  • sort out Bavikatte check

  • wrap and mail Sharmi's b-day present
  • find Roshani's b-day present
  • find Kevin's b-day present
  • find Anand's b-day presents

    (Yes, we have a lot of birthdays around now.)

  • prep for Thurs classes
  • read Samson's novel draft before Tues meeting
  • send submission to Oak Park anthology
  • write proposal for kickstarter for Demimonde, to launch Sept. 1
  • revise kickstarter story "Under the Twin Moons"
  • revise two Detective Chandran stories
  • finish Cecilia's story draft
  • finish Language of Birds draft

  • schedule dentist for me, Kavi
  • schedule doctor for Kavi, Anand
  • touch-up paint in kids' bath
  • decide on paint scheme for foyer, powder room, kitchen anaglypta
  • frame shop: buy mat
  • return brackets to Lowes
  • keep trying to reach landscaper, stove repair place, and anaglytpa painter
  • ask Kev if he'll be here for dining chair delivery Wed morning
  • take kids to zoo with Roshani on Wed.

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