Last week, I started…

Last week, I started thinking that I needed to actually write a bit of the new book before I could try to promote it with Kickstarter. And I sat down, and in two hours, drafted a short story. (It's under 2000 words right now, but may get a bit longer with revisions.) Here's the opening -- what do you think? Should I keep going with this project? Does this seem intriguing / appealing? Would you read more?

Joseph propped himself up on one bony elbow, letting the thin sheet fall down, baring his hairy chest. The temperature was kept at an comfortable level throughout the battered old student housing building, but he still found a sheet comforting. Something to hide beneath, especially on a night like tonight. "Come back to bed. What do you think you're going to see up there? It's not as if they're going to start shooting at each other tonight."

Alaya shrugged, still staring out the narrow window, up at the night sky and its double moons. Her lush naked body glowed in the light, and Joseph thought, once again, that he didn't know how he'd gotten so lucky. When he'd started at the university, a scholarship kid astonished that he'd managed to get in, he'd had fantasies of sex with strange alien females with half a dozen breasts. In the end, though, a human female had turned out to be more than enough for him. be continued?

3 thoughts on “Last week, I started…”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I think so. I want them to be linked stories, so every character will have a connection to another one — some will live in that apartment building, but others could be parents, professors, etc…

    You don’t like college books? (I was just reading something claiming that it’s the next big thing, that after Young Adult, the new exciting marketing category is something they’re calling New Adult…)

  2. I had to think about this….I like reading about people with careers, and college students are mostly too young for that.

    Anyway, I like collections of linked stories.

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