Okay, I am getting…

Okay, I am getting really sick of this medical bra, which I'm supposed to wear 24/7 for two weeks. It is thick white fabric, very tight, and it pinches. I'm allowed to take it off to shower, which I have to say, encourages really long showers. And today I decided it needed to be washed, so I lay in bed flat on my back for most of an hour while it went through the dryer. I assume that's reasonably breast-safe, not moving. I don't really know. Once, when I was shifting, it seemed like I heard a gentle sloshing sound from my breast. I probably made that up. It isn't really likely that anything's sloshing in there at this point, right? I didn't have any silicone inserted, after all -- I'm pretty sure that everything there is just 100% all-natural me. It's just weird, to hear your breast slosh; weird and disturbing.

I know, I'm whining. Really, the recovery is going well -- today I stopped the real painkillers entirely, and got through the day with just a few ibuprofens; I'm not sure I'll even need those tomorrow. Still, the hardest thing is remembering not to do too much.

Well, that and sick children (everyone here has colds) who insist on climbing on me. They are hard too. Kavi is being very good about not climbing me, but is also very cranky and refusing to nap or go to bed, I suspect in part because it's upsetting having mama be sick. She's trying, poor thing. But she is very trying. Anand is not good at all about avoiding climbing on me, and he has, in fact, head-butted my poor sore breast more than once out of sheer exuberance. Kev has been trying to run interference, but there's only so much he can do, especially with the semester starting soon and work deadlines rearing their heads. Well, we'll manage.

Tonight, Anand kept waking up, so I'm taking him into my bed for the next few hours, until Kev finishes his work and comes to bed; hopefully I can sleep and not have my breasts mauled by a coughing, flailing child. The girls (my breasts, not my children) are strapped back into the bra o'doom, so that will hopefully help.

4 thoughts on “Okay, I am getting…”

  1. That does seem really stressful. Good luch with it.

    I wonder if the medical/surgical people are clueless/oblivious about the small child factor in your recovery.

  2. Sumana Harihareswara

    My face did crinkle into a smile at the sloshing and at your clarification re “the girls.” Best of luck.

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