I can’t believe we’re…

I can't believe we're still buying lighting, but we're still buying lighting. I wanted to go out and run some house errands, but Kevin doesn't think I'm up to it, and he's probably right. He told me that if I had to be productive, I could do computer stuff. Okay.

For the master bath, to go over the sinks, Rejuvenation's Sheridan light in brushed nickel with a fairly simple shade -- I'm trying to not compete with the cool fixture that's at the top of the room; hope this works.

Now I need to find two Moroccan-style silver lights for the library and stairs. Back soon.

1 thought on “I can’t believe we’re…”

  1. One must think for a moment about lighting in the bathroom. The shade should be as neutral as possible and the bulb should provide the same type of illumination as the primary room in which one will be working.
    An incandescent bulb will throw off the application of makeup if the work area has fluorescent lighting and visaversa. Likewise the selection of wall color around the vanity will have an impact by reflecting that color onto the person.
    A designer once specified a mangenta colored countertop in an office bathroom and the women couldn’t figure out why their makeup always looked so bad when they went back to their desk. This story always gets passed down as a warning. (Whoops)

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