My aunt and cousin…

My aunt and cousin stopped by, bearing curries. It is very nice to have relatives in the area when you are sick. Not having to cook tonight and tomorrow will be a big help.

I'm mostly doing okay, but I think I did a bit too much when I was feeling good this morning, and am now more achy than I was when I got up. And, unfortunately, Kevin isn't feeling well himself -- bad headache. We may have to try to get a sitter in to help this evening if he isn't feeling better soon. Depends a lot on what kind of mood the kids are in; if they're okay with hanging out with mama in bed and watching a movie, we're good. If they want to run around screaming like crazed loons, then we're in trouble. We'll see.

1 thought on “My aunt and cousin…”

  1. Not sure I’ve ever seen a crazed loon…do they run around tearing out their feathers willy-nilly, bumping into things and screaming? 🙂

    So glad you are on the mend. I hope Kevin’s headache is of short duration.

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