Today I had the…

Today I had the pre-admission testing, where they asked questions, drew blood, and checked my heart with an EKG (my first!) -- my heart, it turns out, is fine and dandy. Tomorrow, breast reduction surgery. Theoretical schedule, subject to the whims of doctors and hospital administrators, as well as to my own body and its responses:

5:30 - arrive at hospital
7:30 - surgery starts
11:30 - surgery ends
by 3-ish - I've woken up from the general anesthesia, been checked over, and pronounced ready to go home

Funny story -- I asked them how long it was likely to take, because I had to figure out the kids' school pick-up, and they said that they thought I'd be done by 3, but they were going to go check. And they came back, surprised to find that my doctor had booked the OR for four hours, which is quite long for this surgery, apparently. And the two nurses spent some time assuring me that they loved my surgeon, he was the best surgeon, and people came from all over to have him do their surgery, including from the Middle East! So I guess I'm in good hands.

There's a slim chance that I'll have to stay overnight if things don't go so well, but I promise that as soon as I wake up and they give me back my phone, I will tweet my safe return to the land of the living. :-) I admit, I have that line running through my head, "If I should die before I wake..." I'm not really nervous about the surgery, which is supposed to be routine and with tremendously high success and satisfaction rates, but I did make some effort to spend a really nice hour with the children before bed. Just in case. And I plan to kiss Kevin soundly before I leave tomorrow.

Should anything happen, however unlikely that is, it's nice to know that I am quite excellently satisfied with my life thus far. The highs have, in general, far outweighed the lows; I've been very lucky. Yay, me.

See you on the other side.

6 thoughts on “Today I had the…”

  1. good luck lass.. you’re going to be Just Fine(tm)

    and since you have that line going through your head.. here’s a version of it i read many many MANY years ago

    Now I lay me down to sleep,
    I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
    If I should die before I wake,
    I’ll tell the Lord, “Mistake!! Mistake!!”

  2. Best of luck. I will be sending good thoughts your way.

    Listen carefully to your post-surgical instructions. You need time to heal, and there is a reason for lifting restrictions.

  3. Julia Kholodenko

    Hi Mary Anne,
    I was just scanning twitter for the first time in a long long time, and I noticed your post about being off to the hospital. I send you good wishes for the operation and recovery. Expect the pain to be cyclical: better one day worse the next, and so forth until it fades away. I will always be glad to hear from you.

  4. Here’s to an easy recovery. I’m too late here for the surgery itself, though I’ve been thinking good thoughts for you.

    Oh, and I hope you’re pleased with the result!

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