I’m still having trouble…

I'm still having trouble trying to figure out how to get the bed I want. I like canopy beds, but we don't want to block the tv, so we've agreed no tall footboard posts. I'd still like to hang some fabric on it somewhere, if I can find a way. I like Indian silver beds, but they tend to be overly-elaborate for our tastes, and also expensive. I have this vision in my head, but no idea how to execute it.

Here are some of the elements I like:

1) We both like upholstered headboards, but I'd like to custom cover the fabric, something like this beauty (although I'd be fine with a simpler rectangular shape if this kind of shape is too hard to cut):

2) Silver bed -- I'd love to take plain unfinished wood and paint it to look something like John Robshaw's gorgeous bed (but with low footposts and no frame on top)

3) Isn't this cool? How hard would it be to hang a rod between the two headboard posts, and hang fabric from the rod? I like integrating the fabric and rod into the bed better than just hanging it on the wall behind it, which was what I'd originally planned to do.

4) You could even then hang lights behind the curtain, if that's not too cheesy :-):

I'm almost thinking I should try to build it, since there are a bunch of DIY instructions for upholstered headboards, and it seems like you can buy bedposts separately. But I'm not sure how you put it all together in a way that's going to be stable. Can you buy a wood bed frame, wood posts, and attach custom headboard / footboard easily so that it's all stable and holds up over time? Are there instructions on doing that somewhere? I'm having trouble finding them.

I'm even happier to buy a simple (ideally unfinished) wood bed of the right shape, with tall head posts and short foot posts already attached to the bedframe, assuming I can then attach the headboard and footboard I custom cover. But again, not sure how to go about it, or where to find that type of bed. My google-fu is lacking today -- I can't seem to find it online.

Do I need to custom order it? Is there a woodworker in Chicagoland who would build that for me reasonably cheaply (under $2000 for a king-size, ideally). Kev and I have talked about trying to pick up woodworking skills, but I don't want the bed to collapse under us!!

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