Kevin’s mom’s coming for…

Kevin's mom's coming for a visit starting tomorrow (or actually, late tonight, if the thunderstorms allow), and while I know that she will not really care if the place is a disaster, because she is cool that way, still. It's motivating to get some shit done that we want done. Kevin is home today and the kids are in school, so I'm hopeful that we can power through a lot of this. Joint to-do list for today:

  • get kids dressed and to school -- DONE
  • drop off car to be fixed -- DONE
  • get groceries -- DONE
  • clean microwave -- DONE
  • vacuum dining room rug -- DONE
  • touch-up paint on walls -- DONE
  • clean powder room -- DONE
  • clean stove -- DONE
  • add more books to bookstore order for both classes -- DONE
  • hang curtain rod and curtains in study -- DONE
  • hang pictures on stairs -- DONE
  • throw out large chalkboard box -- DONE
  • deflate air mattresses in library and store -- DONE
  • empty boxes from library -- DONE
  • pick up car after noon -- DONE
  • clean toaster oven -- DONE
  • clean guest bathroom -- DONE
  • take out donation boxes and bags to car -- DONE
  • wash guest bedding -- DONE
  • make guest bed -- DONE
  • return things to BB&B; buy picture wire, v. short tension rod -- DONE
  • drop off donations at Brown Elephant -- DONE
  • hang curtain for linen closet -- DONE
  • finish reading Dark Matter -- DONE
  • organize master closet -- in progress
  • keep working on website for ASAM -- in progress

  • mop first floor
  • hang curtain rod and curtains in master bedroom
  • clean picture frames
  • hang pictures currently stacked in bathroom
  • straighten kids' rooms, their bath, playroom

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