Puttering in the garden….

Puttering in the garden. Tell me, is my new blue bench (from Nadeau, of course) too bright? It does cheer up a dark corner of my garden. I thought about trying to tone it down with something -- lime-ing? I'm not sure. I do love the Chinese dragons blowing wind on the back. Our front steps still need to be painted, so it's hard to tell how it'll all look until the house painting is finished.

The planter (which lives nearby, so you can consider that blue too in your deliberations), has been replanted for summer, since the stock had finished and the pansies and lavender had gotten super-tall and floppy. The vinca has grown in dramatically; I like it.

This new vine (Brookside Miniature, a type of Schizophragma Hydrangeoides, aka Japanese hydrangea-vine, although not actually a hydrangea) came from a birthday gift certificate from Lori (thanks, Lori!), and will eventually climb up a dark metal trellis, I think, and should have delicate white flowers for about a month in late-June to early July. The trellis will look something like this. I'm hoping that I can keep the vine that size by pruning and still have it bloom -- if not, then I may eventually move it to somewhere where it can climb to its full ten foot height. Maybe behind the bench. :-)

The nodding peacock is from Target; I hadn't thought to get quite so whimsical in my garden, but I just couldn't resist him. Now I am tempted to fill my garden with peacock statues, hidden among the plants. :-) I do want to move that doormat to the back door, and get something blue or green for the front, to maintain the color scheme, but I haven't found the perfect one yet. It will come.

Progress, in little steps.

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  1. Yay, I got you a vine! I’ll want it pointed out to me on my next visit, so I can say hello.

    I LOVE the bench.

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