I was awfully tired last…

I was awfully tired last night; I tried to watch the first episode of Dead Like Me with Karina and Kev after putting the kids to bed, but fell asleep halfway through. Woke up at 3:30 because Anand was crying -- my fault, as we'd gotten behind in laundry, I'd put him to bed in just a t-shirt and diaper, and he had pulled off the diaper and peed his bed in the middle of the night. He was not pleased. I got him cleaned up, re-diapered, and got him back to bed (more laundry, sigh), and then I was wide awake. So, awake -- tea and breakfast and sorting laundry (Kev and I both did loads yesterday, and I thought we were all done for a bit, but apparently not) and emptying the dishwasher and watching an episode of Haven and it's not even six yet. If I could get by on six hours of sleep a night, I could get so much done. Ah well.

We're making good progress on this week's house projects. I cleared some of the mudroom yesterday, enough to at least get through it and take some things down to the basement. And then Kevin cleared the rest while I was sleeping last night, hooray! We still have more trash than there's room for in our trash cans, but I think trash might get picked up this morning, if I'm remembering the new schedule right, and then I can refill our trash can again. Although, hey -- here's a question. This week we must have thrown away something that wasn't well-sealed -- maybe raw chicken bits? I don't know, but our exterior trash can is horribly disgusting -- it smells foul and the interior has a ton of tiny slug-like things. It is so gross that I can barely stand it. Presumably the nice trash people will dump out whatever's in it, but I bet that won't get rid of the little slugs. Ick. What should I do? Hose it down? I admit, I'm sort of afraid that if I spray it hard with the hose, the little slugs will fly all over the place and maybe even end up on me, and I will scream and dance around like a freak because I may be tough in other ways but I am totally a wuss when it comes to slimy bugs. Thoughts?

Anyway, to-do list for the rest of the week:

  • 10 - call Swati re: YA -- DONE
  • noon - blinds guy comes here -- DONE
  • 1 - go renew driver's license -- DONE
House stuff:

  • empty library mantel -- DONE
  • organize and clear pantry -- DONE
  • wash Anand's bedding and remake bed -- DONE
  • put away sorted laundry -- DONE
  • vacuum library carpet -- DONE
  • move bookshelves from front room to basement

  • hang curtain rod in my study
  • organize and clear eat-in area
  • organize and clear master bath
  • return brackets to Lowes; buy toilet paper holder for kids' bath, shower enclosure for clawfoot tub
  • Target: buy tall canisters for various beans & nuts, buy picture frames, plastic swimming pool
  • return curtains / brackets to IKEA; buy rug
Work stuff:

  • finalize ASAM brochure
  • make good progress on ASAM web page
  • e-mail DesiLit Chicago re: next year's schedule
  • e-mail Pomegranate crew re: reviving org.
  • e-mail Neil re: SLF reading series
  • revise "Princess in the Forest" for Vandana's anthology
  • finish draft of story started yesterday; erotic gay fairy tale for Cecilia's anthology
40th party stuff:

  • figure out when everyone's arriving in town and how they're getting here
  • collect borrowed air mattresses / bedding from Simone and Rupa
  • Thurs: count people coming, buy groceries for Friday night dinner, Saturday brunch
  • Fri: clear playroom and set up air mattresses for guests
  • Sat afternoon: buy groceries for Saturday night dinner, Sunday tea party

2 thoughts on “I was awfully tired last…”

  1. Delegate icky trashcan to Kevin. It’s a boy job. But yes, it’s going to need to be sprayed down (suggest doing it on its side, not standing up) until it’s cleaned and then heavily sprayed with lysol or cleaned with a disinfectant/bleach solution. Or it will just get worse.

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