Had some good writing…

Had some good writing news recently -- my story, "Talking to Elephants," received an honorable mention in the newest Year's Best SF edited by Gardner Dozois, which will be released on July 5. If you haven't read it yet, it's still live (and free) at Abyss & Apex. I admit, I'm still a little worried that it's not coming across the way I meant it to to most readers, and I'm really curious as to how Gardner read it. But regardless, I'm happy he liked it. :-)

I did get another piece of good writing news, but am not sure if I can mention it yet. It's not huge news (didn't sell a book or anything), but it should be very nice. If also a serious chunk of work. Fun work, though. Okay, that's probably enough teasing for now...

Roshani's been visiting her family all week, so we've spent a fair bit of time with her. She goes back tomorrow, and I would be sad, but this is only temporary -- she's actually moving back to the area in August. Yay! Our kids have a great time playing with her younger ones, so this should be lots of fun all around. Although we're both going to have to be a bit careful that this doesn't lead to overeating -- we like each other's cooking, and encourage each other to cook more. I have a caramel pudding (what my family calls flan) in my fridge right now which I have had multiple servings of already today, and she's at least partly to blame for its existence. Oh well -- all the cooking will be fine, as long as we also exercise together, which is the plan. A gym buddy will be a very nice thing to have. And in the meantime, I have caramel pudding, which, y'know, is pretty good in and of itself.

I have a block of time right now when Kev is watching the kids, which I'm supposed to use for writing or school admin work or dealing with e-mail -- all things I have trouble managing while I'm on child-duty. So I should get to that. Hope you're all having a good holiday weekend (for those in the States), and a good weekend in general (for those elsewhere).

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