Me: I know I’ve lost a…

Me: I know I've lost a lot of weight, but I don't feel like I've lost that much. It's weird.
Kev: Scales aren't that accurate.
Me: No, I'm using the Wii Fit, I think it's pretty good.
Kev: Putting it on different surfaces can change how it works.

(quiet horrified pause, as I realize that since moving to the new house, I've been using it on a high-pile IKEA rug, instead of on hardwood)

Kev: You didn't think it was suspicious when you suddenly lost ten pounds?
Me: (pathetically) No? (It happened during the move, see, and I was hauling a lot of boxes around and exhausting myself and suddenly going up and down all those stairs -- you could lose ten pounds that way, right? Without noticing?)
Kev: (pitying silence)

So this morning I braced myself and moved the Wii onto the hardwood, and what do you know -- 9.5 pounds came mysteriously back. The Wii thought I was carrying a small pet or something. I have just gained a small pet's worth of weight. Argh.

Oh, I haven't really. And in fact, I've still lost weight -- just not nearly as much as I thought I had. Basically, I gained five pounds over the slothful winter, and I've lost those again, so I'm back where I was at the end of last summer. Yay, I guess. I think I need some tea.

2 thoughts on “Me: I know I’ve lost a…”

  1. This is a really cute and funny story. I appreciate that you were willing to take a frustrating and disappointing incident and have fun with it. I also think it’s hilarious that your Wii came up with a face-saving explanation for your sudden “weight gain.” Holding a small pet? Really? Hmmm, what else could it ask? “Are you extremely constipated?” or “Are you wearing body armor?” or “Have you grown an extra head?” or “Are we on planet earth or has the universal gravitation constant shifted?”

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