Found the fabric for…

Found the fabric for Kavi's curtains -- it's perfect! It's been quite a quest -- it's not easy to balance a four-year-old's love of exuberant color with mommy's need not to have her head explode every time she walks into the room. And when you add in mommy wanting a vaguely Indian flavor to it all, while still keeping it cute and age-appropriate, it seemed like an impossible set of criteria. And yet!

Now I just have to figure out which of Michael Miller's Gypsy Bandana fabrics to use. Argh -- difficult choice.

Her walls are Gypsy Pink (really, that's the name of the color, from Benjamin Moore), so I think I had better not do a pink background on the curtain. Her rug is lime green, but I think that'd be a bit much for a curtain background too. So probably the white background makes sense; the ceiling is white, and I've been wanting to bring some more white into the room to try to tone down those intense pink walls. I need two patterns -- one for the actual curtains to her window; one for the curtain that serves as her tiny closet's door. So maybe Gypsy Flower for the wide window and Gypsy Paisley for the small closet? Both with the white background.

I would go in and take pictures of her room for you now, but she's sleeping. Maybe I will let her pick in the morning.

Wall color & rug:

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  1. The top one is beautiful. I don’t care much for the bottom one; it feels too busy. Do the two curtains really have to be different patterns?

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