In theory, this is the…

In theory, this is the first day of a one-month vacation for me. The semester is over, grades are in, we're moved into the house, and we've even thrown a housewarming / birthday party. I start teaching again June 13th (just one 8-wk fiction class over the summer, so shouldn't be too bad), so the next month is the first real vacation I've had in a long, long time.

My plan was to sleep whenever the kids would allow it. (To save some money, the kids are home more from now through August -- they'll be in school MWF, but are home TTh as well as the weekend.) Sleeping all day sounds nice. But of course, the truth is that I'm not really on vacation -- the frenetic breakneck dash of the last few months is finally over, and we have some breathing space, but there's still a tremendous backlog of all the non-urgent things. Plus still a few mildly urgent things. So you'll likely see the to-do list reappearing off and on for a bit.

Still, I do plan to sleep a fair bit the next month. And chat with you! :-)


  • take vitamin D (every Monday now -- apparently, I was deficient) -- DONE
  • start carb counting and exercise again: goal -- get back to pre-move weight / shape at least (note: I'm not doing Atkins; aiming for more like 70-80 g. of carbs a day; a half c. of cooked rice is 22 carbs, for example; I had that with a good amount of grilled chicken and scrambled eggs this morning, and feel nicely full -- if that doesn't seem effective, next week, I'll cut back to 60-70 g.) -- DONE (well, started anyway)
  • pick up paint samples -- DONE
  • schedule closet org. mtg. for master closet -- DONE
  • ask cabinet-maker re: kitchen shelves -- DONE
  • e-mail zinc guy re: countertop -- DONE
  • do dishes -- DONE
  • schedule service for broken dishwasher -- DONE

  • finalize exterior paint colors so they can paint this week, hopefully -- the weather is finally dry enough, I think
  • call doctor re: surgery scheduling
  • buy king-size sheets for new bed
  • various car errands (Home Depot, extra hardware return, pick-up dry cleaning, drop off Goodwill, etc.)
  • finalize pantry shelving / eat-in built-in plans with Pam
  • return two library books (and get more)
  • send Wiscon moderator e-mails
  • send ASAM next meeting e-mail
  • return folding chairs and table to Linus (across street)
  • plant herbs I bought last week in pots
  • clear first floor of boxes (6 left)
  • finish last things at old house
  • try to nap
  • see a fun, light movie by myself (Thor? something else?)
  • do something fun with Kev one afternoon this week while kids are in school -- go see movie? play board game?
  • get pedicure this week (spring!)
  • Friday: try again to pick up roses, herbs, perennials
The nicest thing about this list is that if I don't do any of it today, it will be fine. :-)

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