Happy Valentine’s Day! …

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope wherever you are, you can spend at least part of the day doing something you love, that makes you happy. For me personally, that might mean chocolates, a good book, a cozy movie, a glass of wine, an excellent meal, a garden catalog and dreams of spring. For you, that might mean rock climbing, stinky cheese, blowing stuff up (virtually, I hope), beer (yuck), or...well, I don't know what. Luckily, there's something for everyone in this crazy world.

My day is sadly mostly intense work, and not even the fun kind of work, but rather e-mail, admin, and grading. But this evening, Kev and I are actually going to manage a dinner out, after the kids go to sleep, although not anyplace super-fancy -- just to Marion Street Cheese Market, because it's a block away and I like it. I feel quite pleased with myself that I managed to think about reservations in time. So something to look forward to, in a quiet sort of way.

And I might have some chocolate ice cream for lunch. :-)

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