Just in case anyone’s…

Just in case anyone's worried, we're fine. I let my students out half an hour early yesterday -- it still took me close to two hours to get home, instead of thirty minutes, crawling on surface streets all the way. I didn't want to risk the highway, which I think was wise, considering what happened on Lake Shore Drive.

Our car is half-buried today, but we didn't need to drive anywhere. We were running a little low on whole milk (I keep powdered nonfat in the pantry, so we would have been fine regardless, but the kids like whole milk much better), so I went for a walk -- the snow just outside my door was up to my hips! But I waded out to the sidewalk, and then it was clear for the five block walk to the drugstore. Almost all the other stores, including the grocery stores, were closed. I had to wade back in, of course, but luckily, it's nice, light, powdery snow, so it doesn't stick and melt and make you miserable. Not today, anyway.

At some point, we need to dig ourselves out, but the shovel on our back porch has disappeared. Pam says she can help us out with equipment in the morning, though. It's convenient, having a general contractor around. :-)

My flight to AWP got cancelled, but I've rescheduled for later tomorrow, so I should still make it to D.C. by night-time. I'm going to miss my panel, though, which is sad. Ah well. I bet I won't be the only one.

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