I went over and took…

I went over and took actual photos of Kavi's room. It's basically an L-shape, with the main area being 10 x 12, and the smaller area near the tiny closet, being 5 x 7. The slanty ceiling bits come down to 5' high where it meets the walls, I think? I don't know how well these photos give you a sense of things, but just in case you wanted to picture the paint colors up on the walls. If I'm feeling better tomorrow (and I think I will be, because I think my fever broke about an hour ago), I might go and get paint samples and put them up on boards. I'm currently leaning towards trying an off-white [edit: yellow, not off-white; I forgot that Kavi is vehemently anti-white walls right now, and makes us put down the curtains on her bed at night so she doesn't have to look at them], some pale greens, and maybe a pink or two, to make Kavi happy. Hmm...

I know there's a temptation to do the ceiling bits in fun colors, but I think it might be a bit jarring / intense / modern in feel. So the ceiling will probably be white.

Not so exciting view out the window, I'm afraid:

Funny angles on the ceiling:

The nook where her bed will fit:

Door out of her room:

Cut-down closet door for cut-down closet:

3 thoughts on “I went over and took…”

  1. I think you should paint the nook where her bed will go in the intense fuschia/pink that she wants, and paint the rest of the room in a more neutral shade.

    A soft dove-grey or perfect shade of brown would be nice would balance out the intensity nicely. By painting just a feature wall in the intense colour, you reduce the amount of area that you may someday want to paint over in a different colour.

  2. Teresa has a good idea. Or even paint the closet door bright pink, if it isn’t good wood.

    Another idea we’ve had (in light of the avalanche of “beautiful” pictures Katie thinks we should keep forever) is to put a 6 inch cork border up around the room at 3-4 feet so she can hang pictures or whatever she wants up wherever she wants. We did just have a cork board, but it is insufficient.

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