Kavi’s been sick. Fever…

Kavi's been sick. Fever Monday, so she stayed home. Throwing up Tuesday, ditto. Convalescent today, ditto. Yesterday, Kev and I both had to be on campus, so we had to hire a sitter to come for four hours -- double childcare payment, one of the downsides of daycare over a nanny. Sigh. Also, I didn't sleep Monday night, due to the vomiting child. The only bright side is that so far, none of the rest of us have caught whatever she has; I'm crossing my fingers that that continues.

Plan for today -- keep working on the to-do list, coax chicken soup and mango lassi into the convalescing child. We were too exhausted to even think about cooking yesterday, so I ordered enough Indian food to feed us for 2-3 days. Anand had rice and saag paneer and chicken tikka masala for dinner. He can't handle spicy food, but other than that, so far he eats everything. I doubt that will last, though -- there was a time when Kavi ate everything too. We'll enjoy it while we can. The funniest thing is that he's taken to saying 'apple' whenever he wants food. It took us a little while to realize that he wasn't actually asking for apples. He just thinks apple means food. 'More' used to mean food, but now 'more' means anything he wants, like the phone. It's confusing.

The other Anand news is that I cut his hair for the first time this morning. Yes, I saved a curl, because I'm sentimental that way; it'll go in my little 'first curl' cloisonne box, along with Kavi's, and sometime when I'm dead, they'll inherit them (along with their first teeth) and be creeped out. It's all very Victorian, though I'm afraid I didn't save nearly enough to make a mourning wreath. I didn't do a great job on Anand's haircut, so he looks a bit like a jaggedly shorn lamb, but at least his hair is no longer falling in his eyes, so he has to think it's an improvement at least. So does his preschool teacher.

Speaking of teaching, I decided rather than try to do a really comprehensive syllabus for the blog class, I'm going to let it evolve more organically, week-by-week. I warned the students that they're guinea pigs this time around, that it's not just the first time I've taught this course, but possibly the first time anyone has taught this course. They seemed a bit bewildered, which is only appropriate, I suppose. I'll do my best to prep each class solidly in advance (and the one following, so I know what to assign for homework), and we'll see what happens. With luck, I'll have a nice, coherent course by the end of the semester. I'm starting them out with my blog and John Scalzi's Whatever -- if you have any favorites from either, it's not too late to let me know.

I'm going to go through your other blog suggestions in the next few days; I'm looking forward to a lot of happy reading. But first, I have to finish Justine Larbalestier's Liar (YA), which arrived in the mail yesterday, thank god. I was miserably exhausted after the night of not sleeping, and having a great book to read in the evening while I tried to watch the kids and Kevin caught a nap (he also barely slept the night before) rescued me. Thanks, Justine! Totally engrossed in your book!

7 thoughts on “Kavi’s been sick. Fever…”

  1. We have a blog and online writing course in my department (Communications) My colleague teaches it. Would you like me to try to get a copy of the syllabus for you?

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I would LOVE that. I tried to look for other syllabi for a long time, but it’s remarkably difficult to google ‘blog writing syllabus’ and get anything.

  3. Try Googling these:

    “this course * blogs”

    “this course * blogs” syllabus

    Between the two I found at least half a dozen course descriptions.

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