The kids have school…

The kids have school today, so we get to start actually doing things again. I need a serious to-do list for today, as I think I can do everything, as long as I keep on track:

  • water plants (sorely in need) - x
  • get me and kids dressed and fed - x
  • @8:30 drop off kids - x
  • stop at house and post paint samples on walls - x
  • @9:15 gym class 'til 10 - x

  • talk to Pam about trim stain color, stuff in basement - x
  • call Bob and ask about book 2 proposal - x (needs revision)
  • shower, dress, lunch - x


  • draft syllabi - x
  • order books (URGENT) - x
  • call and place tile order (URGENT)

  • wash couch slipcover - x
  • run downtown and pick up paint pots from F&B - x
  • cook mackerel curry for dinner and eat it - x


  • send invites for ASAM mixer
  • send advisor notes for ASAM grant
  • schedule grant recipient meeting
  • figure out web page access for ASAM

  • put away my laundry
  • vacuum rooms
  • remind Kev to clean bathrooms
  • run bikes to house garage (get out of living room!)
  • record more lullabies (with me singing) for Kavi's SweetPea MP3 player
  • paint more samples

2 thoughts on “The kids have school…”

  1. OMG Mary Anne,
    Are you afraid that if you ever stop you will be overwhelmed by the silence?
    After reading your list I think I’ll go rest for a minute.

    Best wishes for completion of your activities.

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