New resolution — if I…

New resolution -- if I am knitting or crocheting something that is not pleasant, I will stop and switch to something else.

Note important exception: if I am learning a new technique, I'll give it a fair shot before assuming I just don't like it. I should expect to be bad at it and find it frustrating for a while at first.

This resolution came about because I started an Xmas present for one of my brother-in-laws, and even though the pattern was pretty -- oops, I mean studly and masculine -- I wasn't enjoying the knitting. It took me eight long and tedious rows to realize this. In part the problem was the Debbie Bliss Rialto yarn, a 100% merino, which was just 'eh' -- not bad, but not actively nice either. Soft, which is why I got it, and in a nice shade of grey, but annoyingly splitty. A bigger problem was that the pattern was DK weight on size 4 needles, and I just can't take on something that slow right now -- it was making me anxious about finishing my Xmas knitting. So I gave up and frogged it. I might hold the yarn double and try to make a bulky pattern out of it, but I'm as likely to give it away to another knitter who might like it better. Yarn preferences are very personal.

I picked up another project, using Misti Alpaca Chunky, a yarn I've used before and I vaguely remembered liking. And, oh, love. So happy doing seed stitch with this yarn; it feels glorious in my hands, and goes satisfyingly fast on size 10 needles. This is exactly the kind of knitting I need right now -- mindless and quick and luxurious. Yum.

I may be in a mood for fiddly and detailed another day. Suit the task to the mood, yes? It'd be nice if we could always do that with our work. But at least I can do it with knitting / crochet.

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  1. I don’t know why I don’t comment more often (I don’t dare, mostly), but I meant to say that yours is a very astute resolution. Sometimes it takes me a long time to even begin to comprehend that the thing degrading my mood is a crafty project I don’t enjoy, and then I feel dumb when I realize what was happening.

    I have a cardigan half-finished since last year that I stopped knitting because the linen was tearing up my hands, and even though it’s really pretty (and a gift for a beloved friend who would lvoe it very much), I am not sure I will ever manage to go back to it…

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