This is just…

This is just lovely.


"Brief Reflection on Maps"
by Miroslav Holub

Albert Szent-Gyrgyi, who knew a thing or two about maps,
By which life moves somewhere or other,
Used to tell this story from the war,
Through which history moves somewhere or other.

From a small Hungarian unit in the Alps a young lieutenant
Sent out a scouting party into the icy wastes.
At once
It began to snow, it snowed for two days and the party
Did not return. The lieutenant was in distress: he had sent
His men to their deaths.

On the third day, however, the scouting party was back.
Where had they been? How did they manage to find their way?
Yes, the man explained, we certainly thought we were
Lost and awaited our end. When suddenly one of our lot
Found a map in his pocket. We felt reassured.
We made a bivouac, waited for the snow to stop, and then with the map
Found the right direction.
And here we are.

The lieutenant asked to see that remarkable map in order to
Study it. It wasn't a map of the Alps
But the Pyrenees.


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  1. Orienteering is one of the required modules taught during military training. Soldiers need to be able to pinpoint locations for recon as well as calling in fire support. But…. all that is only as good as the map itself. Interesting story, have to send it to my son in Afganistan.

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