I’ve been longing for…

I've been longing for some John Robshaw block-printed textiles for quite a while now; I finally gave in and got the shower curtain for the master bath. If you remember, this will go in front of the master shower, which has an arched Gothic opening, and quartzite tile (like this, but with fewer metal insets -- it also looks lighter and brighter in person than in this photo):

I'm hoping this shower curtain (name: Stone) will look just as nice as I imagine -- to my eye, this is reminiscent both of India and of old medieval manuscripts. Like vines and flowers climbing up a palace wall. I particularly like that it's still pretty and interesting to look at when folded back, since I think I'll want to keep it pulled back often. Detail:

First shower curtain in the set below:

And it'll all probably be with this Restoration Hardware washstand -- the nice store lady told me they're having a 25% off bath sale starting January 4th, so I'm going to wait to order the base then, and Pam says her granite guy can get us the same Carrera marble top for half the price. So while it's still insanely expensive, it's not totally out of line for a bath vanity that will hopefully last us the next thirty years, at least.

In the next few months, we're still going to keep an eye out for an actual antique piece to use instead, but I actually am kind of in love with how much storage this has, and how open it looks (which does mean I probably shouldn't crowd the storage; I'm going to try to confine everything to the bottom shelf), so if I can't find something similar, I'll probably stick with this piece.

I'd kind of love their pharmacy bath cabinet too, but I think I may need a different storage piece in that space, one with reasonably tall closed storage -- otherwise, I don't know where to hide cleaning supplies for the bath. Hmm...are there relatively pretty bath cleaning supplies that I don't need to hide? I admit, I use the RH soap containers in my kitchen and powder room for the pretty, but plan to refill the kitchen one soon with clear real dish soap, because theirs is too wimpy. (Their hand soap and lotion are fine, and smell gorgeous -- I like both the Fresh and Lemongrass scents a lot.)

And above the clawfoot tub, there'll hang the Moroccan lamp that Pam gave us (it doesn't actually come with a fabulous metal screen behind it, ah well):

I'd like to find some simple sconces to coordinate with that. Also some mirrors to mount to the inset medicine cabinets -- I'm currently leaning towards one of Khalid Ali's artisan mirrors (mango wood covered in nickel-plated brass) from Novica (probably the first one, "Palace Window", if Kev's okay with it):

Picture all of that with bone-white walls, medium-to-dark (still deciding) wood floors, metal accents throughout, a white clawfoot tub with dark silver feet, a cathedral ceiling overhead, and three tall windows flanking the tub. Ideally, a faded gray Oriental rug or two on the floor.

It's nice to see the room starting to come together.

4 thoughts on “I’ve been longing for…”

  1. My only concern with ‘decorative’ cleaning supplies is the kids getting into them. You could always get refillable spray bottles to use…

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    There is a kid issue, I agree. Hmm…maybe I should just keep all the dangerous cleaning supplies in the master closet, which is very large. It’s not quite as convenient, but it’s just the next room, and has high shelves above the washer/dryer where the laundry detergents will live anyway…

  3. I have a little caddy that all my cleaning supplies live in. I’d still leave it out of immediate child-reach…make sure it doesn’t say on the label to contact a doctor, etc… all my all-natural cleaning products say to keep out of reach of children. I seem to recall reading that the standards for non-toxicity involve adult men, not children…

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