I have to admit, I was…

I have to admit, I was pleased to get a phone call from Pam just now. She called to say, "You were right."

This is in reference to the dining room door -- it was going to cost something to close up the existing doorway, which faced the new powder room, and instead, open up a 4' opening that faces the new built-in china cabinet (what we've been calling the butler's pantry, because it's built into a hallway, but let's face it, it's really just a china cabinet). I was pretty sure that would be much better, both aesthetically and for traffic flow from kitchen to dining room, but Pam wasn't sure it would be worth the cost, and she'd half-talked Kevin into leaving it as it was, until I became obdurate. But apparently, they've framed it out now, and she's over there, and it looks fabulous. And I was right.

Yay for sticking to my guns. :-)

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