Revisions proceeding…

Revisions proceeding apace. I'm going back over the chapters I did last week right now, smoothing and adding bits and trying to make sure it all hangs together and flows smoothly. Also want to get it all back in my head strongly before I move on to revising chapter 5. I think it's good that I'm taking weekends off from revising (allows time for it all to ferment in my head), but it means I need to really get back into it on Monday.

I'm changing the subtitle, I think -- the old one gave too much of a long epic feel. So here are my two new options for title:

Rasathi: The Divided Island (book one)

Rasathi: The Shattered Island (book one)

Do you like them? Any preference? I'm leaning towards the second, but am a little worried that it sounds overly dramatic.

Another option would be to change island to land, which might flow a little better, but it's less specific to my story, which does all take place on an island (which is both divided and shattered :-). I.e.:

Rasathi: The Divided Land (book one)

Rasathi: The Shattered Land (book one)

My main problem with those latter two is actually that they remind me too strongly of Donaldson. :-)

5 thoughts on “Revisions proceeding…”

  1. My vote is for “The Shattered Island.” It is both appealing on the tongue and is more visceral than divided. Divided has an intentional quality to it. Shattered is immediate, unrepairable, etc.

    Ahh titles. Nasty, sticky things.

  2. I like “The Shattered Island”, assuming that the island could in fact reasonably described as “shattered” in some sense. :^)

  3. I prefer “Shattered Island” or “Broken Island” to “Divided Island” strictly on grounds of prosody; “Divided Island” is too singsongy. /dih-VI-dihd I-lihnd/. You’ve got the exact same vowels (and the d!) alternating. The others have more texture to them.

  4. How about something like:
    Rasathi: The Fragmented Island

    Rasathi: An Island Unravelled

    Rasathi: An Island Disbonded.

    Rasathi: An Island Come Undone.

    Rasathi: Where are all the Kings Horses and all the Kings Men. (Sorry, silly from lack of sleep).

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