Had a bad crash on my…

Had a bad crash on my Macbook Air yesterday; now it won't boot past the grey screen. Damn it. It had been sort of iffy lately, so I only have one active file on it -- but that's the file of the book I'm working on, and my last backup was a few days ago. I can get to root and use 'more' to view the file, so this morning's ever-so-exciting project will be paging through the incredibly ugly and hard-to-read text version of a Word file, trying to figure out which changes I've made since the last backup, and then re-typing them onto my main computer's older copy of the file. Argh. Could've been worse, but still damn annoying. Will have eaten up several hours if not a whole day by the time all's said and done, even if the Apple store can fix the computer.

The only thing I actually accomplished yesterday, aside from breaking my computer and then spending hours trying to fix it? Buying gold sandals to wear at my sister's wedding (I'm in the wedding party, and will be wearing a sari). Also getting Kevin to buy a nice tie and a couple of dress shirts. We leave for the wedding next Wed, so just a week left to get everyone's clothes together. Kavi needs her flower girl dress hemmed, and I have to figure out if a ten-month-old wearing an Indian outfit also needs shoes. I think so, in America at least. So I need to buy Anand shoes this week. Where do you go for baby dress shoes? If I knew what size he was, I could just use Amazon, but it's not like he's been wearing shoes at all yet. He doesn't walk.

Plus, I have a cold. Today is better, but yesterday evening, every time I started to stand up, I got woozy. Today, just a congested head and a scratchy throat.

Every time I think I'm FINALLY catching up on my work, some damn thing happens, and I fall behind again. It's infuriating.

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  1. Summer + a non-walking baby = no shoes!

    If you HAD to get some, there are fairly cute soft shoes at Target (knockoff Robeez). I think my son had some brown ones we used with dressier outfits, but he was a winter baby. Robeez or See Kai Run shoes were my favorite more expensive baby shoe brands.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I checked with my sister the bride, and she concurred, no shoes. She suggested socks, which we can try, although I suspect they won’t stay on for long. 🙂

  3. May I suggest Mozy.com? Automatically backs up your files over the Internet every morning. You get 2GB for free. I went ahead and splurged for the paid version — so anytime I add any new file, or make a change to an existing file, it’s automatically backed up when I turn on my computer. It’s worth it to me for the peace of mind.

  4. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Leah, maybe I’ll try that as a secondary method. We do have an automatic daily back-up running here, but only on my main computer, not the one I travel around with. And the one at home has been bobbling a bit lately; not sure why.

  5. Neither of my kids got shoes before they could walk, not even for the weddings they attended as infants 🙂

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