Nice quote, via Claire…

Nice quote, via Claire Light:

"Now that I'm paying more attention to the insidious impulse to 'take a little break,' I see that it hits whenever I'm looking at a project that re quires full and deep attention. I know that these projects are both more rewarding and more interesting that what people I barely know are posting on Twitter and Facebook, but trivia can be very seductive. Like potato chips, it's hard to resist once you've allowed yourself "just a taste." You have to build yourself a cabin, not of logs but of hours, and not in the woods, but during some part of every day. And then you have to lock the door." -- Laura Miller

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  1. Lenore Jones/jonesnori

    That’s pretty smart in a lot of contexts. Since shortly before John died a few months ago, I’ve been working part-time at a low-paid job, which however is low-stress and gets me out of the house. (Stress is already high after a partner dies, so low-stress is definitely necessary right now.) I’m planning to add some work from home in my old profession (accounting) which will be higher paid, but I’m worried about the same issues writers and other home workers face – actually starting the work and keeping at it. Making my office attractive is going to be necessary, among other things – I’m writing this from my living room sofa (a microfiber recliner sofa from Raymour & Flanigan, since you ask – it’s stood up to my cats and to food spills, and John found it comfortable on his cancer-eaten bones).

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