Anand has gotten stuck…

Anand has gotten stuck under the table again, and shortly, I will need to go get him out. Now that he's crawling, he's in constant motion, and he often ends up under the dining table chairs, unable to get out without bumping his head. Poor munchkin. Still, it's better than last week, when he desperately wanted to crawl but couldn't quite manage it, and was just howling his frustration every five seconds. This is much, much better.

This morning has been fairly peaceful, although they haven't given me a chance to exercise. I ought to be able to get in some exercise in the morning before Kavi wakes up, if Anand will just cooperate and take his early morning nap, but some mornings, that just doesn't happen. I got as far as my deep breathing in the yoga sequence on the Wii, and then he had a total meltdown, necessitating much picking up, snuggling, distracting. Teething is not going easily for him. Still, I'm going to make a serious stab at exercise starting tomorrow. Well, maybe Wednesday. Grades are due tomorrow, so Wednesday is when I get to seriously start my summer fiction writing.

My summer plan is very simple -- get up in the morning and exercise when the child allows. When the nanny arrives at 9-ish, go somewhere (even if it's just upstairs) and start writing. Write until I can't write anymore. Do e-mail / housework / packing / craft / relaxing stuff in the remaining nanny time. (About 2-3 hours a day, I'd guess.) Watch kids in the late afternoon / evening with Kevin. Sleep eight hours. Repeat until mid-August. The goal is to prioritize writing and getting into shape, which should combine to make me much happier overall.

With any luck this will let me finish the YA fantasy novel, at least. Maybe another book. We'll see. For right now, I'm reading Margo Lanagan's Tender Morsels and feeling tremendously inspired, as I would love to write a delicious book like this. I liked her short stories, but oh, this book is gorgeous. No wonder it won a World Fantasy Award and a Printz Award for excellence in YA lit. Something to aspire to!

Wish I could start now, but the rest of today and tomorrow are dedicated to grading. (Well, grading and laundry. Lots and lots of laundry.) The semester is so close to finished, I can taste it.

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