In the spirit of…

In the spirit of mothers' day (which I celebrated by spending four delicious hours by myself at my stained glass class), just wanted to note for the other parents-of-preschoolers out there, that while Kavi liked all of her presents, so far the best distraction has come from the Fairy Tale Play Scene, by Mudpuppy. And it's kind of fun for me too, when she insists on my playing with her. Although mostly, she's quite content to entertain herself with it -- which as any parent of a small child knows, is worth gold!

Three pages of reusable stickers, for many hours of colorforms-style fun. And only $9.99 + shipping. There are several others in the series (space, robots, fairies, zoo, barn, etc.) -- I think there might be more of them in our future. Though I think this one might be the best -- lots of creative options for fairy tale storytelling with this set.

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