Bob tells me that I can…

Bob tells me that I can only have a small chunk of Bodies in Motion up on my website at any given time (and I can rotate what I put up). Putting up much more would risk my being in breach of contract, which obviously, I don't want to do. But I realized that for teaching purposes, I'd really like the first story of the book to be online, "Oceans Bright and Wide." I use it to open my colonial / post-colonial class, and it'd be easier if the story were available online. And of course, perhaps then others might be able to use it in their classes -- I think it's very well suited to raising some of the initial issues of colonialism ('cause I was obsessing about them when I wrote the story.) Also, it just seems to make sense, to have the first story of the book online.

So I've had six stories up for quite a while; I'm going to rotate one out so I can put that one up. And while I'm at it, I really would like my two favorite stories from the book, "Tightness in the Chest" and "Monsoon Day" to be available online as well. So I'm going to be taking three down.

This is the current line-up of what's available online:

So three of those are coming down today or tomorrow. Not "A Gentle Man", because Truman College is reading that one for their next discussion. Plus, it's probably my third-favorite story. I'm not sure which of the others -- if you have an opinion let me know. And if you haven't read any of them, now's your chance. :-)

(I'm also considering putting up "The Emigrant", just because it follows so closely from "A Gentle Man" and then leads beautifully into "Minal in Winter." But that means the other four stories all need to come down. Hmmm...

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