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I've been trying to figure out if there's already an Oak Park writers' group, but with little success. Google tells me there is, but I've had a hard time tracking down any info, except for a group that met at a cafe that is apparently out of business now. I found one writer, who pointed me to another, who hasn't responded. I'd really like to have a local critique group, ideally for serious writers actively working towards publication (or better yet, already with one or two published pieces). Because I'm not sure I can coax the members of my previous crit group all the way to Oak Park -- some of them live way up north near Evanston, and I think it's just too far. :-(

Any thoughts on how I should go about setting this up? I'm a little hesitant to just post an open call at the bookstores/libraries...

Also, is Forest Park a section of River Forest, or a completely different town? It's confusing, as on at least some maps, River Forest seems to encompass the area that I thought was Forest Park.

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  1. I don’t know of a writers’ group in Oak Park, but you might want to check the event listings in the local newspapers (Wednesday Journal and Oak Leaves) and/or ask a librarian.

    Forest Park is definitely a separate town. Here’s their website:


    In the past few years, quite a few Oak Park businesses have moved to Forest Park, since rents and taxes are lower there, and the local government is perceived (probably accurately) to be friendlier to small business. Oak Park and River Forest are in the same high school district (200), while Forest Park is in District 209 (Proviso Township).

  2. Perhaps check the SFWA Directory? I think it has a breakdown of members by state in the back. Then you could look at those members and approach one or more who live closest to see if they have a standing group, or whether they may be interested in starting one.

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Interesting, Linda — thanks! Mike tells me there’s a group that meets at the main library; sadly, not a time I can do this semester, but maybe in the summer.

    And Amy, good thought! Thanks!

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