The north view out of my…

The north view out of my office, on the only wall that will have windows at eye level, is not super-pretty, as it faces at least partly onto an unattractive condo building (and partly onto the street, which should be fine). Ah well. There'll be plenty of light in the room, as the ceiling will be another floor up (turret!), and there will be windows at the third floor level, casting light down. But only one view out from sitting/standing level.

So if you had a home office with windows on just one wall, would you:

a) build a window seat under those windows?
b) put your desk there, facing out?

I can't decide which would be better.

6 thoughts on “The north view out of my…”

  1. I think it would depend on how you like to work. Would periods of window-gazing distract you, or provide needed ruminating time? Do you prefer to lounge when reading student papers or whatever in your office, or sit in a desk chair? If lounge, can you lounge comfortably in a window seat? (I assume that reading for pleasure would usually be done elsewhere.)

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Kirsten, I’m not sure I understand your question — there’s only one window, so only room to have one or the other there. I must choose.

    Lenore, I don’t think it’d be a distraction; so far, I usually have my desk facing a window, and it works well. Elsewhere in my office, I’ll have a comfy chair and ottoman, for when I get tired of sitting at the desk — I tend to switch somewhat randomly between working at the comfy chair or at the desk.

    I think, thinking about it more, that I do want the desk at the window, because having it face a wall is depressing, and having it face the room is a bit of a nuisance, since you then have to go around it to get to the chair. I think.

  3. Mary Anne, I would put the desk there, and make the view closer in, with seasonally-appropriate bird feeders (seeds and suet in winter, hummingbird nectar in the summer) that could be filled easily from the window.

    I crave light, and love the company. Your mileage may vary.

  4. Robert E. Harris

    I’d go for the desk facing the window. If there is enough space, you might put the desk facing the window, but set back from the window, so that a window seat could be between the desk and the window.

    I find I can hardly work at a desk facing a near wall; I need some room to get focused at least a few feet away.

  5. Another thing to think about if you put the desk in front of the window is how you’re going to get at the window to open it. If you put the desk right up against the wall, you’ll have to climb over the desk to open the window; adjust the blinds; etc.

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