As part of our proposal,…

As part of our proposal, they asked us to include perspective drawings of what the house will look like when it's finished, so we hired a local artist, Henry Gould, to draw those up. Thought you might like seeing what it'll look like from the street, if all goes well. My study will be in the turret. :-)

4 thoughts on “As part of our proposal,…”

  1. Very nice! I was imagining a round turret. (Several older houses have round turrets here in Newark DE.) This is much better.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    We did consider both round and octagonal turrets, but this will maximize floor space in the study, allowing me a desk on one wall and a long table on the other; also allowing it to function as a bedroom should we or a future owner decide they need another one. Also, it somehow feels more in keeping with the house, which is all rectangles and triangles. The square turret is a little unusual for a Queen Anne, but I likes it. 🙂

  3. That’s truly beautiful. I love the square turret. My old house of blessed memory had a round one, and (pretty as it was) it was very hard to furnish and use.

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