Can I just say, I love…

Can I just say, I love the DwellStudio line at Target? We're trying to economize on clothes/food/etc. with all the house expenses this year, and it's really nice being able to find beautifully-designed items that we can afford at Target. I'm not normally a fan of modern styling, but somehow it works for me with the kid stuff. Modern lets it be cheerful and sweet without going saccharine, I think.

The swing Anand is sitting in (a swing he adores, although Kevin does complain that it runs on frequently replaced batteries rather than an AC adapter) has an elephants theme, and he has a matching elephant boppy (courtesy grandparents) and plush blanket. And the little airplanes outfit he's wearing is DwellStudio too. Kavi has their garden blossom stroller blanket. Great stuff!

Oh, yeah, the kid is cute too. :-)

3 thoughts on “Can I just say, I love…”

  1. Can you use rechargeable batteries? We’ve bought a bunch of rechargeable AAA and AA batteries and several chargers, and we feel a lot less guilty about it all.

    (Oh, and Anand is really cute!)

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